We provide water testing packages for the analysis of various contaminants and to ensure safe drinking water. Easy to use and affordable. Just follow the instructions, fill the Laboratory-supplied empty containers and return them in the enclosed shipping container for analysis. These various packages are perfect for testing your well, bottled water purity, and public-supplied residential and commercial drinking water sources.

Community Environmental Laboratories, Inc. (CEL) was founded in 1995 by a Johns Hopkins' scientist with the mission statement that everyone should have access to "safe" drinking water, regardless of where they live. CEL's motto, "Built on Science…Growing on Trust" has proved prophetic over the last five years. As we have grown, so has our list of clients which include Government installations, The Department of the Army, City public works departments, private water companies, public school systems, and even Universal Studios (who utilized our services during the filming in Baltimore of For Richer or Poorer). Now, we want to help you.

It is our intention for this website to serve two purposes. First, visitors can use this site as an educational resource where they can download information on a wide array of water contaminants. Some of the information provided for each contaminant is:

  • What effects the contaminant can have on you/your families' health
  • What is the maximum "safe" level of this contaminant allowable in drinking water as set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • What damaging effects the contaminant can have on your house (plumbing, water heater, fixtures, etc.)
  • What are some of the possible sources of this contaminant Various treatment methods for eliminating the contaminant before consumption

The second function of this site is to allow the visitor access to a certified, modern, professional, water-testing laboratory, so they can test the quality of their drinking water. We have several "standard" testing packages, as well as a page for customizing your own water test. We send customized sample kits (via UPS) along with simple detailed sampling instructions directly to the address given. All you need to do is follow the easy-to-use sampling instructions and send back the container(s) in the supplied pre-paid box. Within 10-14 business days you will receive your detailed water analysis report.

WellWise™ Broad Spectrum Water Testing Package This potability (drinkability) package tests for a broad variety of common contaminants and is a good gauge of water quality for human consumption. WellWise™ includes all tests in the Basic Well Water Testing Package plus lead and copper.
Basic Well Water Testing Package This package includes all tests to meet the minimum requirements of the Maryland State Health Department, including bacteria, nitrates, sand, turbidity, pH and chlorine.
 Municipal Water Package This package is designed for those who get their water from a municipal or government-run water company.
Water Treatment Package This tests for contaminants to help determine the source of noticeable water problems you may be encountering including smells, taste change, odors, and cloudiness.
Customized Water Testing This is a large menu of individual water tests in which the visitor can pick and choose individual contaminants to customize their own testing package.
Commercial Services Waste Water Testing This page elaborates on commercial and contract laboratory services we perform. This is designed for water treatment facilities, laboratories, environmental engineering companies, process testing/control, and research and development applications.